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Wedding Photos & Photoshop

Photoshopping is much maligned these days, but when used properly it can be a great thing.  It is often forgotten that in the days of film it was possible to do many effects whilst developing the print.  Today its just done on a computer.

Whatever your feelings about it, its here to stay, so we may as well get use to it and embrace it. Unfortunately it has, still is and I have no doubt will continue to be abused by the glamour industry. If you want evidence of just how much Photoshopping techniques can distort reality, just have a look at this YouTube video (its done the email rounds, so you may well have already seen it).

Despite the abuses of it, it is still a very handy and useful tool. It allows me to get creative, fix those blemishes that inevitably come up on the day and either include someone, perhaps a loved one who couldn’t be there, or remove the dill who spoilt a good shot by giving you ‘My Favourite Martian’ antennas.

So what sort of things can be done with Photoshopping?

  • Spot colouring, Black and White, Sepia …
  • Multiple exposures.
  • The Glamour Look.
  • Removing blemishes. Unfortunately it can’t help on the day, but at least you won’t be reminded of them every time you look at the photos.
  • Vignetting, Compositing …
  • Special and Creative ideas.
  • and much, much more.

How many times does it happen; you take that great shot only to find that one person is blinking, looking away or is just caught at a bad moment. Well fortunately with the power of Photoshop we can fix that. I don’t know how many times I’ve used someone’s face from one shot and put it on another to get the perfect shot.

Some Artistic Examples

Here are some examples of what can be done.  You are by no means limited to these examples and remember that these have been shrunk to show on the net (click on the small photos below to see a larger version).  The full size versions look even better.

Port Macquarie Weddings - Photoshop original Original – straight out of the camera.

Port Macquarie Weddings - Photoshop Ver 1 A little something done to make it look even better.

Port Macquarie Weddings - Photoshop Ver 2 Adding a texture to the photo.


_MG_1381+++ Original – straight out of the camera.

_MG_1381a++++ A little something done to make it look even better.


That Glamour Look

Why not have that special photo or two worked over to give you the perfect look. We all don’t have the budgets of the stars to keep getting those nips and tucks whenever something drops a bit, but we can have in a photo.

Port Macquarie Wedding - Before & After Just a little softening can make you feel a lot better.

The Pre-wedding dress rehearsal shoot is the perfect opportunity to get those shots that you just won’t have time for on the day. Most ladies have a makeup and hair rehearsal, so why not turn it into a shoot?

I’ve found the ladies that have done it have been so happy they did. Not only did they get shots that they otherwise wouldn’t have, but it was a great opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and with each other.

Fixing a Favourite Photograph

Here is a real life example (and an actual job I was asked to do) of what can be done – (click on the photos to see larger versions).

This was a favourite shot of a group of friends, but unfortunately at the moment the picture was taken another couple just happen to be walking past and spoilt an otherwise great shot … yep, its happen to all of us at one time.

But don’t despair, there is a solution and here are the before and after shots.


Before Photoshopped Before Photoshop


After Photoshopped After Photoshop

Now this doesn’t have to be limited to this type of situation.

All is not lost for a favourite photo you may have that has an Ex in it that you may no longer want in an otherwise nice photo of you. You may want someone added to a photo, someone who couldn’t be there. Or perhaps remove that friend of yours who thought they were being funny when they unbeknownst to you posed in the background of an important photograph … I think you know what I mean 🙂

And don’t forget those old or damaged photos that you would like revitalised. You may even want a photo fixed that was deliberately vandalised, perhaps by the previously mentioned Ex just before they left.

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