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When deciding on a location to get married also consider the photography aspect (what else did you expect me to say?).

What time of year is it and when is sunset, and remember to take into account any mountains or building that might effect it. Sunrise and Sunset times are given for a flat horizon, so mountains (like at Coffs Harbour) that are close to your location will mean you loose the sun sooner than the times given.

Are you in a built up area and will shadows from nearby buildings have an impact. Will their shadows cause a high contrast between the dark shadows and the bright sunlight … a photographer’s nightmare.

If you are going anywhere near the ocean or a tidal river (as we have here in Port) you might want to consider the tides.

What flowers will be in bloom or what colour will the trees be? Will there be any foliage on them at that time of the year. Especially relevant for Vineyards, do you want brown rough gnarly looking vines or nice green ones? Frangipanis …. will they be in full bloom?

VERY IMPORTANT: Select an alternative location should the weather be foul. How will adverse weather affect the ceremony, photographs or reception? How quickly and easily can you change to the alternate location?

Allow plenty and I mean plenty of time to get ready. Hair & makeup, getting dressed, will all take longer than you think. Factor in any traveling time between locations. You also want a little time to have a bit of fun and maybe even a relaxing drink or chat.

You want to allow time to have some photographs taken once you are dressed. I see it so often that there is little or no time to get some shots of the bride once she is fully dressed, its unfortunate. Time and again it is this part of the day that is rushed. Obviously as a photographer I’d like plenty of time to do what I do, but it’s disappointing to not be able to provide you with the photographs you deserved because of a lack of time. It’s much easier if you have the time to relax, have a drink, have a bit of fun and enjoy the experience, not be stressed out and have it feel like a chore. Not to mention being disappointed with the photographs later.

I’d suggest adding about 50% to any time frames you think are appropriate. It might seem a lot, but I have yet to see a wedding running so far ahead of time that everyone is sitting around board … it just doesn’t happen. So what if you have a little spare time, sit back, relax, kick your feet up and savor the day. Remember, a lot is going to happen in what will seem like a very short day … time ‘will’ fly.

If you want any special people or props for your photographs, have them ready and someone responsible for looking after them, you have too much else to worry about.

Think about having someone you trust who’s into photography to arrive early at the Reception and photograph all the guests as they arrive. Find a nice location and photograph them with their presents in hand, it will be a nice reminder for you. It might even make for a nice thank you card after its all over.

If you’re not wearing a veil think about buying some tulle. It can make for some nice photographs and even be used along the back parcel shelf of your car for shots in the car.

Whether winter or summer, think about a couple of umbrellas. Rather than the plain umbrella, how about a couple of parasols or similar, they look much nicer, are great for photographs and can protect you from the sun. If you are going to stick to the traditional brolly, make them all the same colour, preferably the same type too.

When getting your photos done between the ceremony and the reception think about taking along some drinks. The guys will no doubt take some beers or similar, but throw in a couple of bottles of water too. You may not need it, but if you do you will appreciate it.

Have a Survival Kit ready. Of course if you have one ready you’ll never need it, but just in case. See Wedding Survival Kit for some suggestions on what to include.

Make sure everyone knows what it is they are responsible for or supposed to do. Make up a list and give it to everyone outlining who is doing what. I’d also include their mobile numbers too, especially for easy communications on the day. Remind everyone to have a fully charged battery in their phone and cameras.

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